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Otter XT

Comfortable, stable and lightweight. Its superior design tracks better and paddles easier than others in its class. The high-back seat offers exceptional comfort. The larger cockpit allows for easier entry and exit.

Otter XT - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

Otter XT - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

  • Padded adjustable high back seat with cup holder
  • Lightweight, easy-carry construction
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Exceptional value
  • Paddle holder
  • Great for Kids
  • Weight – 39lbs
  • Max Capacity – 275lbs

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

Vapor 10

Compact kayak with a lot of volume…that’s the best way to describe the Vapor 10. This kayak offers a stable, yet efficient ride. The large cockpit opening is designed for a comfortable yet reassuring ride. Equipped with a comfortable seat, the Vapor 10 goes way beyond the basics. Perfect for anglers, sportsmen and recreational paddlers alike, the Vapor 10 is one of our most popular kayak models. 2014 Patterns Shown

Vapor 10 - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

  • Adjustable Comfort Flex seat
  • Glide Track foot brace system
  • Stern day well
  • Molded-in cockpit tray with cup holder
  • Molded-in paddle rest
  • Built in carry handles
  • Thigh pads
  • Drain plug
  • Skid Plate
  • Weight – 47lbs
  • Max Capacity – 275-325lbs

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

Lifetime® Wave Youth Kayak

Move with the water in the Lifetime® Wave Youth Kayak. This fun kayak is perfect for independent, adventurous types who love being out in nature and out on the water. It’s designed just for kids 7-12 years of age and up to 130 lbs, with “All-Soft” contours and no protruding hardware to bump into. The Wave is lightweight and features an ergonomic cockpit design perfect for developing the skills of beginning paddlers.


Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak

  • 1 person youth kayak
  • Designed to be safe and durable for kids ages 7-12, or up to 130 lbs
  • Paddle included
  • Reverse chine for enhanced stability
  • Swim-up step
  • Ergonomic cockpit design enhances balance and motor skills
  • 72″L x 24″W stance provides a stable paddling platform
  • Patent pending double-wedge fin design assists in tracking and surf riding
  • 45° transom and sloped rear swim platform assist re-entry in water
  • Scupper drains drain cockpit area and flush interior water during surfing
  • Molded-in paddle cradles provide convenient paddle rest area
  • “All-Soft” contours and no protruding hardware to bump
  • Multiple foot rest positions for different size riders
  • Molded finger handles on each side of the kayak

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

WAVESTORM™ : A Complete Youth Water Sports Experience

Wavestorm™ is the most recognized soft surfboard brand in the United States. Every design is meticulously crafted to embrace fun and enjoyment! The Wavestorm™ 7ft. Junior Stand Up Paddle board ushers in a new era for paddle boarding creating a experience in quality and performance for foam layered construction. Let the Wavestorm™ 7ft Junior Stand Up Paddle board inspire a day on the river, lake, or explore downstream while promoting a new healthful lifestyle. Create memories on the Wavestorm™ 7ft. Junior Stand Up Paddle board! Weight tolerance of 120 lbs.Youth SUP - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan


Old Town Twin Heron

The Twin Heron is a truly unique tandem kayak. Featuring the innovative Auto Trim Hull allowing solo paddling without the bow popping up. Adjustable Comfort Flex seats, foot brace system, cup holders and more! A stylish and open style cockpit offering room for getting into and out of the kayak with grace.

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan


Old Town 159 Discovery Canoe

These value-packed recreational canoes are made tough, rugged and unsinkable, thanks to our SuperLink3 3-layer process. And they’re also made to perform. Agile, stable and easy to handle, Discovery is sure to be a family favorite for years of outdoor enjoyment.

Old Town 159 Discovery Canoe - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

Grumman 18′ Double Ender Canoe

This model features .060″ aluminum deck caps and .080″ stem caps with special T-6 alumilite finish rivets for top strength. The sturdiness of the Grumman canoes comes from marine grade stainless-steel. In addition, the close riveting ties the gunnels, skin, and thwarts, resulting in extra strength. The flat water keel helps in making the paddling easy. The maneuvering of the canoe is made simpler by the shallow draft keel that has an inner keelson of rugged-strength extruded aluminum.

Grumman 18 Canoe - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

Michicraft canoe 17ft

Built in Michigan!

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

Adult PFD

Adult personal flotation device featuring Glide Fit™ foam , Baja Back , Front-zip , Mesh shoulders, Dual expandable mesh front pockets , Adjustable shoulders and sides , Dual Closure Buckle and Kill switch attachment


Adult PFD - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

  • Type: III
  • Design Floatation: 16 lbs., 6 oz.
  • Sizes: XS/S (33-39), M/L (40-45), XL/XXL (46-56)
  • Fabric: 200 Denier Nylon
  • Certification: UL/USCG, ULC

Lakeshore Kayak Rental Grand Haven Michigan

Youth PFD

Type II: Developed to provide high flotation and head support for children in the water. This jacket will help keep an infant face-up in calm water, and comes with a grab loop to aid in pulling him or her from the water.
The Infants model fits kids under 50 lbs. with a design floatation of 9.8 lbs.
Adjustable leg strap with a single buckle help secure this jacket in place and prevent ride up.
The segmented collar supports the head in the floating position and has an integrated grab loop.
Reflective tape and bright color increases visibility.
200 denier nylon oxford fabric.


Youth PFD - Lakeshore Kayak Rental

  • Type & Profile: Type II
  • Design Flotation: 9.8 lbs
  • Fabric: 200-Denier Nylon Oxford Fabric
  • Sizing: less than 50 lbs
  • Colors: Red/Yellow
  • Head Pillow with Grab Loop
  • 1 Leg Strap
  • Zipper Length is 7.5″
  • Reflective tape


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